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Download our free Android App "Dazzle Clients" by clicking here


Author Success International (ASI) hosts three (3) Inner Circle membership forums complete with:
  • resources
  • downloads
  • coaching MP3 files
  •  ASI forum
  •  study guides
  • course and coaching assignments
  •  calendar of upcoming events
  • message board
  • program updates
  • Build Your Book Business System
Inner Circle members are able to access study guides and assignments which are pertinent to their success plan. The Executive, Leader, and Visionary Inner Circle forums are included with each corresponding program. The Inner Circle is a great tool for networking while working your way through your selected program.
All Inner Circle members are given their own unique user name and password with their registration packet. This site is solely for Author Success International clients. ASI clients pay for this information as part of their Executive, Leader, and Visionary programs; it is their guide to success and as such it is only right to keep access to this information exclusively for Author Success International clients.
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