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A Defining Moment:

What Spurred Me on to Create the Business Owners Writing System™?

I have often been asked how I came up with the idea for the Business Owners Writing System™. This question has been posed to me in one form or another by business owners, entrepreneurs, and clients; even by friends and acquaintances. The short and simple answer is that I was fulfilling a need. Read on for the whole story.

I have worked as an author coach for years. I never advertised and I never went looking for clients. My coaching clients always found me, usually through word of mouth – mainly they were either sent to me by a friend/acquaintance or they themselves were actually a friend or acquaintance of mine. When you are an author, others tend to seek you out. I cannot count the number of times I have spoken with someone who became excited once they learned I was an author. The conversation normally went somewhere along these lines:

“Oh my gosh! You’re an author? I’ve always wanted to write a book but I don’t know how to get started. Can I ask you a few questions?”


“I’m writing a book, but I’ve been stuck for months; I can’t seem to get past my last section. What do I do? How do I fix this?”

Now, I have enjoyed working as an author coach over the years and I am always thrilled when one of my clients achieves success and accomplishes their goals. I still work with individual clients and conduct group courses but I am very excited about the Business Owners Writing System™.

My defining moment came about one afternoon while talking with a very good friend of mine, Marguerite. She and I often get together to discuss the state of affairs in our world, our nation, and our community. It was right in the middle of the housing crisis and the worst economic downfall our nation has experienced in many decades. We were both very upset to see so many hard working men and women losing their jobs, their homes, and their futures. It broke my heart to see so many families have their dreams shattered by the current economic crisis.

This led us into a conversation as to how these individuals would survive and provide for their families. I have always been an entrepreneur; I strongly believe in creating a job for yourself and being responsible for your own future. I saw entrepreneurship as the way out for the millions of Americans who had lost their jobs. Many of the displaced workers are now in a position to bring valuable services and information to the table. They are capable of creating work for themselves when positions in corporate America are unavailable. During this economic downturn, corporate America turned to consultants as a means of reducing overhead and expenses. After all, consultants don’t require a regular salary or benefits.

The best way for consultants, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to set themselves apart from their competition is to write a book. This gives you instant credibility and puts you miles ahead of your competition. I knew I was on to something here, so I brainstormed and tossed ideas around in my head until I came up with the Business Owners Writing System™.  Initially, I came up with three (3) program options which allowed my clients to select the choice which worked best for them. I created group programs to keep the cost of the programs down. I also kept my individual one-to-one program available for those clients who wanted to work separately. Recently, I have created and added the Business Owners Writing System™ Home Study Program for those who want to work on their own without the coaching part of the program.

These programs help displaced corporate employees, retirees, small business owners, and entrepreneurs create new careers, launch new enterprises, and expand their current businesses.

When the idea first came to me, I became very excited. As time went on and I began putting the system together, my excitement level grew. But the best part of creating the Business Owners Writing System™ has got to be the responses I get from business owners and entrepreneurs when I tell them about the program. I can’t tell you how many of them have actually said to me that I don’t charge enough for the programs! I spoke with one man at a networking event who showed me a DVD he paid to create. This DVD was only three (3) minutes long and it was packaged in a hard case with full color inserts. He told me he gives them away to potential clients as a marketing tool; but I almost fell over when he told me how much it cost him to produce. He actually spent $8,000 just to package this marketing tool, which sadly did not yield the results he was hoping for. When I told him how much less our program cost, he almost fell over!

Smart entrepreneurs and business owners, like yourself; understand the value of writing a book highlighting your expertise. I look forward to reading your book and hearing about your success!

- Catherine Paris

 P.S. - my good friend, Marguerite (the one I mentioned above) is now a valued member of the Author Success International Team. Marguerite Cavanaugh is our Marketing Director as well as the author of a new book called How to Buzz Your Business


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