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Download our free Android App "Dazzle Clients" by clicking here

Finding the right program which is best suited for you and your needs is quick and easy. To find your niche, take a quick look at the program levels below.
Our proprietary Business Owners Writing Systemwas designed specifically for entrepreneurs, business professionals, and coaches. We offer three (3) program options: Executive, Leader, and Visionary. These programs take you from concept to completion and help you write a book based on your expertise. What a great way to grow your business and gain lots of free publicity!

Our three (3) programs were designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients based on their current level of success. What does that mean?  How do I know which program is right for me and my business?

Executive Program: this program appeals to start-up businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Just starting out
  • Trying to build a client base
  • Need to make more money
  • Making less than $50,000 in your business
Leader Program: this program appeals to those who have a client base and are making money.
  • Established business owner
  • You've created a "job" for yourself
  • Making $50,000 - $150,000 in your business
  • Ready to blow the doors off of your competition
Visionary Program: this program appeals to those who have a great business and are making good money but they are ready for more.
  • The multiple six figure business owner
  • Making upwards of $150,000 - $250,000
  • Looking to grow into a million dollar business
  • Ready to be top dog in your region
What do these three (3) programs have in common?
  • You get an easy-to-manage writing system designed to make writing your book simpler and faster than doing it on your own
  • Your chosen program comes with a support system
  • You have access to a members-only site based on your program level
  • You will complete your book
  • You get to grow your business and stand out ahead of your competition
  • You gain credibility through publication        
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